Monday, January 15, 2007

The Beginning

Baby Dancing is a TTC (trying to conceive) diary that will track my husband and my journey of getting pregnant.

H. and I (W.) got married last October after being together 6 years. H is 38 and I am 35. We are both professionals, own our home and have two dogs - a chocolate lab Cute#1 that is 4 years old and a wheaten terrier Cute#2 that is 1.5 years old.

H. and I have decided that it is time to try to add on to our little family. I thought I would journal about this next step because I tend to overthink everything and drive H. crazy. He also thinks I'm worrying too much about our ages and being too negative about our chances, so I need another spot to vent/worry/overanalyze and generally just blab.

Some TTC Jargon:

AF - Aunt Flo, monthly visitor, period
BBT - Basal Body Thermometer
BCP - Birth ControlPills
BD - Baby Dancing is having sex
BFN - Big Fat No - as in on a pregnancy test
BFP - Big Fat Positive - as in on a pregnancy test
C - Cycle so C1 is Cycle one or the first month of trying.
CD - Cycle Day is the day within the cycle (that month of trying), may just be referred to as D.
CM - Cervical Mucous
HPT - Home Pregnancy Test
IVF - Invitro Fertilization
PG - Pregnant
2WW - Two Week Wait, period between ovulating and testing