Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gallbladder free!

Yesterday was the big day for my surgery. I was very (VERY) nervous going into it, but decided to just suck it up and not whine too much about it. I was irrationally worried that I would die on the table, that little G would be motherless at the age of 9 months and that she would never remember our cuddles and squeezes and all of the times I have whispered in her ear how much I love her.

The surgeon came in to see me after the surgery to tell me things had gone smoothly. Apparently, I did not have an inflamed gallbladder, just the stones which made it a lot easier to remove. I have atypical symptoms from the gallbladder stones and he said there's a 50/50 chance that my GERD symptoms could go away simply by having the surgery. PLEASE let that happen!

I am on perco.cet right now. They make me groggy and a little dizzy, so I mostly just sleep them off. I have been walking around quite a bit and am much more mobile than I thought I would be. H. is off taking care of Little G since I can't really pick her up and also taking care of me. So far, I think we've gotten on each others' nerves more than anything (me on his a lot since I am a bit of a control freak about our daughter and her schedule). This weekend I will be going to my parents' place to convalesce a little more and give them a chance to hang with their granddaughter. I think my Mom is really looking forward to it.

After I heal up from the surgery, H and I are going to join Weigh.t Wa.tchers and I am going to start up a swimming/walking regime to get into shape. As I have probably said a bunch of times here before (I know I've thought it a hell of a lot) I don't want to be a fat mom, I want to be a good example for our daughter. So, it's time to make it a reality.

Friday, September 23, 2011

9 Months Old

Little G is 9 months old today! I can't believe it, time is just flying by. In the past couple of weeks she's really been adding to her repertoire of tricks. She is crawling, pulling herself to standing, trying to climb things, waving and clapping. She is also saying Mamamama and Babbababa, but the Mama isn't in context with anything yet. She is learning the names of her toys and if I say "where's bunny" she will go get her stuffed bunny. She is very cute and a going concern.

We are debating going back to CZ for a FET. A few months ago, I was 100% convinced that we would be going back in January. But, as she gets older and is getting to be more to take care of I am seeing how difficult having two will be. Particularly at my age. G is such a happy, easy, laid-back kid (touch wood). She has been sleeping through the night since about 8 weeks old and we can take her anywhere without much fuss. We are completely spoiled. We (I) worry what if we don't get so lucky a second time. Will I have the patience for a colicky, screaming, non-sleeping baby? Also, we live in a 2 bedroom home and are rapidly running out of room with 2 adults, 2 dogs and a baby and all of the stuff that entails. I am scared to try again. What if it's twins or triplets, if we're lucky enough for it to be successful?! Despite all of the fears, I still think I'd like to try again, but just not so soon. I just don't know.

On top of everything else, I am having my gallbladder removed on Tuesday. I am pretty scared to go under the knife. It is just a day surgery and lots of people have undergone this procedure, but now that I have G I am so worried that something will go wrong. H. is taking the week off to stay home and take care of G while I recuperate. And, then for the second week G and I will be going to my parents' place for a little more recuperation time.I just wish I could blink my eyes and be two weeks in the future recovering from a successful day surgery.