Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Eight Weeks

Tomorrow Little G will be 8 weeks old. Time surely is flying by. I am head over heels in love and seem to fall deeper by the hour. We are thinking about going back to Brno in November. Actually, we are past thinking and will be going back then. Here is the thing, the optimisitc infertile in me keeps going over the "what if" scenario of us getting a miraculous natural pregnancy. Stranger things have happened, but lets face it, I will be 40 in April and my eggs were pretty crap at 35 so what makes me think that now things will be different. Oh, that is because people (my drs) keep sayng stuff lIke pregnancy can kick start your body. I had my post op appt on Monday and the dr said that I should take birth control. I laughed and sId that I've got my own built in birth control and that is when he hit me with the you never know statement.

So there it sits in my brain that has far too much time to foucs on things. And, if you have read my blog overmthe years you know that I am really good at thinking and worrying. I go from thinking that it would be amazing to get pg on our own after all this time, but then I think about my age and get scared. I think about down syndrome or kther birth defects that could be caused by my crap eggs. Crazy eh? In reality the likelihood of me getting pg without inftervention is close to 0. So, I need to focus on November and another trip to Brno.

About little G, at a month old she weighed 9lbs 10 oz, I think she is well over 10 lbs now. She is smiling on purpose now instead of just from gas which is pretty amazing. She is also starting to babble and also starting to recognize and play with toys although her hands are still mostly in fists. She has been out in her stroller for a couple of walks and also been in the car a lot going tonher grandparents or to the couple of showers that were held in her honour. She has to be one of the best dressed kids around. She is completely spoiled.
we'll have to do something about that if it continues. It is amazing how much she is loved by our friends and family. It feels like she was as much longed for and anticipated by the people who love us as she was by us. We are extremely lucky!

Here is a pic I took of her and used as a Valentine's Day card.


Kate said...

She's beautiful!

Valery said...

Wonderful reading about you falling in love ever more.
Crying happy tears over "was as much longed for and anticipated by the people who love us" so happy for you.

And I totally get the 'you never know' versus chances of practically 0. It takes so much to let go of the false hope, you have living proof now that it is worth taking all those difficult decisions (and yours were harder and more than anyones!) so from where I sit I say stick to your November plan. And if a miracle occurs you'll deal with it then. The scary statistics people say 'chance of birth defects is 3 times higher!' (or something) when the risk goes from 0.5% to 1.5%. Multiply that with your/mine optimistic 1% chance of conceiving at all and 0.015% should keep you awake at night?
Wishing you sound-sleeping nights and baby giggles during the day!

Fran said...

She is stunning!!! And I hear you on the child being spoiled!! Oliver has more clothes than I ever had in my lifetime!

Good that you have decided to go back to Brno, can I ask you if your dr said anything about when the next pregnancy can happen safely after a c-section?
Love, Fran

iamstacey said...

i can't believe it's been 2 months already! That just doesn't seem like it could be right!