Thursday, October 02, 2008

He Got a Job!

Wow – I’ve been pretty lax about writing lately. Sorry about that. I guess it’s because not a lot has been going on from a fertility standpoint. I’m having a weird cycle this month not sure if I’ll ovulate, but the faster this cycle's over the faster we can move on to IUI#2.

There are a couple of anniversaries happening this month for me – October 12th is my 2nd wedding anniversary. H and I have been together for 8 years, married for 2. As the fates would have it, my cycle lined up perfectly when we were married to allow us to really try to get pregnant for the first time on our wedding night. You know the results of that, so we are also about to celebrate 2 years of trying. Where has the time gone? I’m currently on my 26th cycle – thank-you short cycles. We did take a couple of months off here and there, but really it’s been 2 years. Sigh.

On the plus side, H. has 2 job offers and signed the contract for one of them today. He’s starting the new job on Monday. Yay! All I can say is – finally!!!! It’s a 2 year contract, with the money being paid to his company and then he pays himself a salary. No benefits, no paid vacation, but it pays a lot (a lot) more than his last job. So, he can afford to set money aside and plan for vacations or have a safety net in the event that he’s laid off again. I am so incredibly happy for him (us). It’s been really difficult for him over the last 6 months, it’s nice to see that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for him.

There is one other big thing that we’re considering right now – a complete life change for me. I have been interested in nutrition and how the body works with food for a while. I have educated myself quite a bit about it and find it very interesting. Well, H. and I were talking and he brought up the suggestion of being a Holistic Nutritionist. It is something that interests me very much and it scares me more than a little bit. You have to understand that I have worked in the financial world since 1993 (holy crap - 15 years!!!!). I kind of fell into it because my Aunt was VP of human resources at a company and I needed a job. Then I was really good at it. I do corporate training now, which is interesting, but... I would love to do something different, something where I’m my own boss. This would allow me to take my interests and make my own hours. It would take me about a year and a half to get the diploma. Then I would probably work at it part time until I had a set clientelle. I am cautiously excited about it. The course is a lot of money, but H. is going to help me pay for it. I just have to say that he’s amazing – so supportive and wants great things for me. Not sure how I got so lucky.

Anyway, back to the fertility stuff. I'm on CD12 waiting to see if I ovulate and then wait for AF to show up. I'm anxious to talk to my RE about the last cycle. I seemed to respond well to everything, and I know we only had a 25% chance of getting pg, but I'd like to know if there's anything we should be doing differently this time around.


Chelle said...

Congrats to hubby on the new job! Contract jobs aren't a bad way to go. But like you said, the downside is no benefits or paid vacation. But then there is the money... :D

Good luck with this cycle. Perhaps you will be surprised and things will work out just fine. :)

Hope2morrow said...

Yeah for hubby's new job! Sounds like some major life changes are coming your way! Fun times!
Congrats on persuing new avenues!

Echloe said...

Holistic nutrition... that sounds pretty cool to me. I've been more and more interested in that sort of stuff with my fibroids diagnosis and and acupuncture. That would be a big career change for you but I bet it would be wonderful.

Echloe said...

Hey there,
I just wanted to reply to your question on my post about the Novena. You can say it even if you aren't Catholic (though it is a Catholic thing and I'm not sure other religions pray to Saints). But if you put your heartfelt feelings into the prayers I'm sure that they will go to the right place no matter what religion you are. Tomorrow will be day 7 of the novena so a little late to join. But you are welcome to try. And in the meanwhile I will add you to my prayer list for this Novena. HUGS!