Saturday, April 02, 2011

Lordy, lordy, look who's (almost) 40

Last Monday I went to Gym.boree with Little G. She is 14 weeks now! The class was cute, we sang song and did tummy time. We introduced some different textures amd played with the parachute. I think sge enjoyed it, but she was pretty cranky and tired by the time we got to the end of the class. There wer five Moms and babies, G was the only girl, the ages ranged from around 3 months to around 6 months. All of the babies were so cute. We did one exercises where we all sat our babies facing in on an innertube, in the middle was a sheepskin blanket, all the babies had bare feet. It was pretty cute to see their reaction to the blanket on their feet. All of the moms were under 32 I would say. I felt pretty out of place. At the end of the class they have a discussion period. The question was how soon did you know you were pg and how did you change your diet once you knew. And, what would you do differently the next time you get pg. Pretty mundane questions, but it just made me feel so isolated. Still the infertile in the room. I guess you never really lose that feeling.

I initially didn't want to go back because of the way I felt, but it is good for G to see other babies and people.And, it is good for her to experience new things, so I am going to suck it up and go back, I think. It is $73 per month. I find that kind of expensive. Am I crazy?

On a totally different topic, we took Little G to the parens of multiples clothing and gear sale. We were members when we found out we were pg with triplets so we still get the email about the sale - there are two per year. It opened at 7am for members and then is open to the general public at 9. We got there around 10am. I really wanted to see if we could get a good used exersaucer. When we were walking in, we saw a man walking out woth two and I thought, CRAP there go the last two. We went straight to the gear and toys and didn't see any of them, but we did manageto find a neat playmat. G has one, but this one looks a little more interactive. It is in really good shape and we got it for 7 dollars. A woman that was working the sale asked us if she could help us. H told her that we really wanted an exersauce and that I was disappointed to see that they were all gone. Well, she pointed us to the last one there. It was a barely used Baby Ei.nstein activity center. It was on sale for $50, which is on the pricier side for this sale. We snapped it right up, I think it is regularly priced at $130. In all we spent $100ish and got the exersaucer, playmat, 3 books, stacking blocks, a little wooden child's chair, 5 outfits (one thay had the store price tag on it still), astuffed penguin toy for her stroller and a toy that attaches to the stroller or swing it has three stuffed chicks with a bunch if rings and rattles on them. Score!

I guess there is one more thing to write about today, it is my birthday week. I turn 40 on Tuesday. the big 4 - 0. H came home from work yesterday with flowers for me and a stuffed flower for G. He gave me an itinerary for the week. On Tuesday, there is a chef coming to our home to give an interactive lesson and cook a gourmet meal, then on Thursday there is a party at a bar with my group of friends, then on Saturday we are going out to a nice French restaurant and then to the Leafs/Habs game and finally on Sunday, G and I are going to spemd a couple hours just with my girlfriends. I feel truly spoiled and with all of the festivities maybe I won't think too much about how old I am turning. I am not really too concerned about the numbere, but I ahve to admit it is a little daunting. I am middle-aged now, wow! The crazy thing is on the inside I still feel like I am about 25 years old.


Fran said...

Happy birthday week!! Sounds really good fun all you are doing and I wish I was there too.

I understand the feeling about the baby class, but I think you'll get to enjoy a bit more as it progresses. I'm starting in May a baby yoga course, it's 5 weeks and it's 150euro! So I guess those are the prices

Just Believing said...

my 2 cents on gymboree its amazing an dif u can afford it do it but i didnt notice my daughter really getting much out of it til she was older like 14-15 she si 19 months and she will remember songs and funny things they did sadly we cant continue at such a high rate each month but it was fun for the couple months we did do it :)

ks said...

Oh Man! I never would have thought about having to deal with those kind of questions at a Mommy and Me class! Just goes to show you I've been living in ignorant bliss for the last little bit thinking/feeling slightly normal! LOL!

Happy (early) Birthday! It sounds like a wonderful week ahead! Go Leafs Go! :)

All my best!

iamstacey said...

What an awesome hubby! A whole week of celebrating! Woohoo! :)