Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Hmm, so that's what it was

A year ago today, I got my 2nd beta results. I was officially pregnant and everything had doubled ... well more than doubled. My first beta was 430 and the 2nd was 1206. That was the first clue that we had more than one in the oven. Today, our healthy baby is 18 weeks and 6 days old.

My little superstar...

I have written before about the health issues I have been experiencing. Well, I had a battery of blood tests run as well as an abdominal ultra sound. My bloodtests all came back clear - no heart issues. Good cholesterol ratio. The one weird thing is that the bloodtest for my kidneys has come back twice saying I have mild damage. I have no other symptoms, so we are going to keep an eye on it. My ultrasound showed two gallstones, which means I have to have my gallbladder out. So, I have been referred to a surgeon and am now just waiting to hear back about dates. I am a little worried about the surgery, although it can be done laproscopically. It means I will be out of commission for at least a week. And, I won't be able to care for Little G in the same way. My Mom has offered to help out, but she can't stay with us as we don't have a guest room. It may mean that we go to my parents' place while I recover. I am sure it will work itself out.
I hadn't had too many problems with my gallbladder that I recognized - 3 major attacks over the last year. Now it is apparent, that a lot of the uncomfortableness I have been experiencing is coming from it.

Oh, and the Dr. said I must have it out before getting pregnant again. Good thing we've pushed the FET back to next January.


S said...

Aw, your baby girl is adorable!

Good luck with the gallbladder surgery. I guess at least it's good that they found a reason for your symptoms and it's something that can be fixed.

Fran said...

I want to have my blood tests done also. I think my thyroid may have gone on the lazy side. I'm glad you found the cause of your problems, once that's sorted out you'll be a new woman!

Oh, and I'm two days away from celebrating the "thawing of the penguin!"

Lost in Space said...

Look at that cutie pie!

Not fun on the gallbladder news. Ugh. I'm looking at another lap later this summer. Maybe we can be laid up together. (-;

Anonymous said...

Aargh, I'm so sorry to hear about the gall bladder surgery! I think it must be coming a more common problem - I've had three friends require the surgery in the last few years. :( But they've all felt tons better once it was over, so I'm hoping the same for you! Hope the healing time is short, easy and quick!
Baby Girl is just too adorable! :)