Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Still in one piece

It finally happened, and I was remarkably ok. I was at my hairdresser showing off the G and I could see her looking at the baby and then looking at me. She finally said, "does she look a lot like your husband?" and when I said yes, because she really does, my hairdresser said something like, right because she doesn't really look like you. The words I have been dreading were finally spoken and you know what? it didn't really bother me. That kid is mine and she could be green with purple spots and I wouldn't care.

My manic thoughts of the moment are about seeing her grow up and get married and have kids. Being a Mom at 40 makes me scared that I won't be around to see her walk down the aisle or hold her own children. She is 5 months old and I am worrying about those things. Crazy I know.


Anonymous said...

I worry about those things, too! I see how much my folk adore Davie and love being grandparents. I hope I get to do that for Davie someday , too!

Lost in Space said...

Love that the first big blow is now over and it wasn't as bad as you expected. She doesn't need to have your eyes to be every bit yours.

Michelle D said...

I'm not sure I've had this comment yet...but I do get a lot of "K looks like a D__ (hubby's family" and "I'm not sure who S looks like". I worry that one will look less like family and how that might affect them. Honestly babies look like themselves and who they are meant to be. Glad that there was no harm or blue feelings. I agree with Lost in Space...they don't have to look a thing like you to be every bit yours :)