Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Visit with Santa

Well, that didn't go as I expected. H and I took Little G to see Santa a couple of weeks ago. I dressed her up in her Christmas dress and away we went to a local shopping centre to meet the Big Guy. He was an amazing Santa, kind, friendly and patient. Poor man! G did not like him at all. She screamed bloody murder. I felt so horrible for her and for Santa.

Here's the pic we got:

Santa gave us a couple great tips for making next year's visit better. When they are little, have them facing away from him so that they don't see him until after their picture has been taken. Also, take a couple of trips to the mall prior to the actual picture day so that the little one gets familiar with Santa. We'll try that next year and see how it goes.



I have a picture of me screaming on Santa's lap when I was about 1. It is my favorite Santa picture. All 3 of my boys did the same thing and I had them take the picture anyway. They love looking at those now. It only lasted one season, but the pictures are priceless.
Merry Christmas!

Fran said...

Oh noo!! poor little G! but you know, the pic is so so cool, I'd say she'll make you tear it apart when she's older though!!