Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Again, it's been awhile, but I am still reading along and trying to comment as often as I can on some blogs.

Little G has been at daycare for almost a month now and she seems to be enjoying it. I am pretty good about leaving her there now, but every day at around 3pm I start to countdown the minutes until we can pick her up.

I am now in my second week back to work and it feels like I have never left. I started a week ago Monday, came in and sat down at my desk. Re-familiarized myself with my passwords, systems and phone and then poof it was like I had never been off work. I do like the full pay cheque after having been off for a year living on EI. (Employment insurance)

The wonky AF cycles continue. I had a few that were right on track, then one that was 18 days, one was 20 days and as of today I am on CD30 with no signs that AF is about to show. And, we did not hit anywhere near to an ovulation window so I'm not pregnant. Lovely, perimenopause or menopause is just messing with me. I am thinking about going back to acupuncture to try and sort all of this out.

Speaking of sorting things out. I am considering shutting down, well shutting it down in the sense that I will no longer be updating. I think it's a good reference point for people going through the DEIVF process, particularly if they are going the international route. But, I don't have a lot to say these days on IF.

Having a child has certainly made the ordeal of IF a lot less intense and also something that is not with me on a minute to mintue basis. But, it lingers. I still get upset that people get pg so easily. I still get angry with my body. I still think of where I am in my cycle and how good our chances would be of ovulating... an then check the TP constantly when I am in my LP. I think that it will be something that will always be with me.

In just writing this post, I have realized it is time to end my blog. I will put up one more post in a few days to say good-bye.


S said...

I'll miss reading your updates, but I completely understand. I have been wondering what to do with my own blog now that I'm a mother.

Best to you. :-)

Kate said...

I'll miss you. I use my blog now mostly as a diary to keep track of how K's developing. And since I'm going to be doing an FET, I'm back into the infertility blogging again.
I'd still love to see an occasional update from you, even if it's only twice a year.
Glad getting back to work has been ok!