Friday, February 24, 2012

So Long, Farewell...

I have been blogging about TTCing since a few months after we started trying to have a baby. My first post was in January of 2007. My blog for the first year was very hopeful and upbeat and embarrassingly naive. When it became clear that I had issues getting pregnant I blogged about that. And, for 3+years I blogged about my efforts to get and stay pregnant.

I was successful and now am a mom to a beautiful little girl. Little G is the light of my life.

My husband H and I have made the decision that, unless things change significantly financially, there will not be any more children or attempts for children in our future. This is an incredibly difficult thing for me because in my heart of hearts I don't think our family is complete. Continuing to blog here is kind of counter-productive. My TTC & Infertility blogging has run its course and to come here to talk about my daughter and life as a mom at 40 just doesn't seem to fit anymore.

I have made the decision to retire this blog (I will not be deleting it as a few women have found my reviews on DEIVF useful). I am not, however, leaving the blogosphere. I am going to continue blogging on my new blog Midlife Momasita. It is about being a mom, working full time and just living life. I hope that you will stop by from time to time to check in on me. I will continue to follow your blogs and cheer you on wherever you are in this process.

For those of you who have found me because of DEIVF, Reprofit or MyIVFAlternative here are two links that will aid you in your research:

My Review of Reprofit
et al which I wrote before getting the results of my beta so that it would not be tarnished by the result.

An Addendum I wrote about the clinic.

To those of you who have followed me along my path, thank-you for your support. Your comments have lifted me up, made me feel supported and understood and not quite so alone as I went through all of this. I hope you will continue to check in from time to time at my new blog.


Fran said...

Will miss this blog!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're still going to be blogging! I'm going to put your new blog on my blogroll. I understand the feeling of not being complete, while still feeling completely joyful for all you do have. It's a hard place to be in, and I have to admit I do not feel like I am navigating it very gracefully!