Friday, June 11, 2010

10W1D - First OBGYN Appointment

So, I went to me first OB/GYN appointment today. Both the nurse and the doctor are very nice. I was hoping for an u/s but didn't get one. We found out that we are at a very high risk of losing this pregnancy - losing all 3 of the babies. It was a pretty hard appointment to sit through. The doctor listed all of the risks... primarily that they think the twins are in the same amnio sac and that they're sharing a placenta (1% of twin pregnancies are this way - monochorionic and monoamniotic aka momo). There's a danger that the cords can intertwine cutting off supply to one or both of the babies. The cord could strangle one or the other. Losing one or both of the twins could force my body to dispose of everything in the uterus, which means even though the fraternal baby is healthy we could lose it. The doctor also said that triplet pregnancies aren't safe until after 24 weeks when they can actually attempt to save them. Up until then there are no guarantees. We talked about reduction and the likelihood that even if we chose to reduce the twins then there's a significant chance we'd lose all 3. Fun times. I cried. All I could think is that we've been through hell for 3 years and then we finally get pregnant, see the heartbeats etc, I'm finally coming to terms with the prospect of being a mom to triplets and then I hear how it could all just slip through my fingers.

I know the doctor has to prepare you for the worst, but wow, I'm still just trying to digest everything. We have an u/s scheduled for July 8th - I'll be 14 weeks along. We could have gone in at 12 weeks, but the dr. kept saying that between 14 & 16 weeks is where they'd be able to tell if the twins are in different amniotic sacs. Now, it's just a waiting game. And, a praying game. I am praying that the twins are in different sacs and it was just too early to see the walls of the sacs (which is what the dr. said is possible).

Thank god, H went with me. He was my rock and asked a bunch of really great questions while I sat there looking like a deer in the headlights.

I'm scared, but I'm choosing to look at things positively. I'm still throwing up and feeling like crap. That must account for something.

UPDATE - I just got a call from the u/s technician that will be doing my u/s. She called the other lab to get a copy of my results and the pics - she has moved my appointment up to June 23 (I'll be 11w6D) - the u/s will take an hour and a half and then I've got an appointment to see the high risk doctor. I don't know whether to be happy about this or scared since they want to see me sooner. It makes me feel better to have less time to wait and worry. Who knows, there may be 3 sacs in there after all.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you had to hear all of that today. They always have to give you the risks. Things will work out for you. Is this doc a maternal fetal specialist? Can you go for a second opinion just to have another take on the situation? You, H, and the triplets will all be in my thoughts and prayers.

Pregnant Yuppy said...

I'm sending positive vibes your way. I have another internet friend who delivered healthy triplets last year (identical twins + 1 more). There is definitely a higher risk, but all is not lost.


Kate said...

They can always redo the scan later if they don't see the membrane this time. At least this way you get the NT scan out of the way. Yep, it's higher risk, but it can be done. I think mo/mo twins maybe even usually get delivered by 34 weeks to reduce the risk of cord entanglement, maybe even after 32 weeks and a round of steroids?
Don't panic till you have the next scan and see the high-risk doc. And the loss of a baby puts you at higher risk, but doesn't mean it's game over for all. I followed the blog of a woman who lost one at around 26 weeks, and delivered full term, I believe.

Fran said...

Oh sweetie, how is it the the worries never end? To be honest I know at least two more people who had triplets following IVF with two blasts trasferred and everything went well. Of course it's a high risk pregnancy, meaning that more foetuses do have a higher chance of complications, and really your doc was very doom and gloom and I think it was a bit excessive. I remember one of the girls with triplets from my clinic told me (via local board) that when she went in for her second u/s still at the clinic, the doc was almost hoping that one had vanished! She has three beautiful babies, two identical girls and a boy. I just want to believe it'll all go well for you, having an earlier scan is better and I'm sure you'll have many more than others, but it's all good, they will reassure you that everything is well. Much love, Fran

Valery said...

Oh Sweet G, so sorry that you had to hear all those risks. From nothing to three to nothing would be cruel. So hard that statistics don't have the answers, we just have to see where life takes us. Am thinking of you often. How sometimes I'm sad am not pregnant like you, but also realise I don't face the same fears. (And I'm scared enough as it is)
good luck x3