Monday, June 14, 2010

Doing a little better

I found a forum for parents and expectant parents of momo (monochorionic and monoamniotic) twins. The information there was enlightening. First, since I'm being diagnosed based on a 7 week ultrasound, there is a chance that I've been misdiagnosed. I am hoping that at my u/s next week the magical 3rd sack will appear. That would still mean that the twins are sharing a placenta and we'd have to watch out for TTTS - inequal sharing of nutrients etc - one twin laps everything up while the other one dies or is significantly smaller.

A lot of women with momo twins go into the hospital for daily monitoring around 24 to 26 weeks. A man on the forum, himself the father of momo twins, wrote that entering the hospital means that if something goes wrong they will deliver the twins and therefore you need to be ok with the implications of having those twins at 24 weeks. H. and I have used this information to formulate an approach that we feel comfortable with. We'll be able to use this info when we talk with the high risk doctor next week.

I always feel a little bit better when I feel like I have some control. Having a plan, gives me the semblance of control back and has helped me to feel a little better about the outcome of this pregnancy.

I also feel sorry for the fraternal in there. There s/he is floating around minding its own business and if something goes wrong with the twins that can end the fraternal's life. That's just crazy.

I feel bad that there is nothing I can do to make sure all 3 are safe and secure. I am taking my prenatals and I am eating as much as I can. I am really really sick still. The worst is puking first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Blech! I have lost 8lbs now. I know that I'm eating lots and that eventually things will turn around so I'm not worried about that.

Every time I complain about how crappy I feel or that I hate throwing up H. reminds me that this is what I wanted. And, it's true, whenever I thought about being pregnant and the possibility of morning sickness etc I always thought to myself "I'll take it all just for the chance of being pregnant". And, for the most part I still feel that way, some days though when I just feel like shit warmed over it's hard to keep that though front and center. The other thing H. pointed out is that if I wasn't having any symptoms I'd be worrying myself sick. So, it's best that things are as they are.

Oh, and I'm done my progesterone now. The original plan was to take it all the way until I hit 12 weeks, but I had to order more meds (my Dr. here would not prescribe them) and the meds got stopped at the border. They were refused entry. I went to my RE in CR (well emailed) and he said it's ok to stop now. I haven't used one since Thursday and I'm feeling ok. I will continue my estrogen until this Friday and then I'm done with that. I can't wait! The less pills I have to pop the better.


S said...

I am so glad to hear that you find a forum with information about similar situations.

I am thinking good thoughts that somehow you have been misdiagnosed and that all will be well.

Phoebe said...

I think it's vital to find the support you did with other mono/mono ID pregnancies. I remember following a blog where the couple was pregnant with quadruplets, with mono/mono ID twins. They had all babies fine, all boys! I can't remember the name of the blog now, unfortunately.

I hope you can get some help for the m/s. Have you thought about taking Zofran (sp?)?

Dreams and False Alarms said...

I am SO hoping that it was just too early to see the wall! My friend had identicals, and they didn't have tttt--sometimes thing work out! I know, not the most optimistic thing to say, but heck, I'm an infertile, I'm incapable of blowing sunshine up any ones a$$ anymore!

PurpleDogMommy said...

Just wanted to lend my voice of support...we don't know each other, I just read your story and am hoping (along with everyone else) that this has a strong and happy ending for you and your babies.

Fran said...

Sweetie, I think everything will be ok, I'm so happy you found a board where people have gone through the same experience (and you may really not be one of those people just yet!) as you see it can be done and there are plenty of success story. Well done on finishing the meds! Fran