Friday, August 13, 2010

It happened again.

My lovely post yesterday about how things are progressing and how i am a little nauseous still, but there hasn't been anymore throwing up must have tempted the fates. Lo and behold, this morning I'm in the shower after having just ate a lovely bowl of Frosted Flakes and wham-o, I threw up all over the place. In.the.shower. Yuck.

Little G is going to be sick of hearing stories about how she made me so sick when I was pregnant with her.

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PurpleDogMommy said...

It's weird to root for nausea, isn't it? Ya, I get you tho. I was so worried that I didn't buy a stitch of anything baby related until I was nearly 7 months along. Too paranoid.

I'm happy that you got a strong symptom and at least it was in the shower...;) (I once hoarked in a Walmart... now *that* was embarrassing).