Tuesday, April 27, 2010

One More Thing about Reprofit

There was one more thing I wanted to mention about Reprofit that really played a big role in our (my) decision to go there. They minimally stim the donors. The doctors are going for quality rather than quantity, but are also looking out for the best interests of the donors. Not a lot is known on the dangers of high stim protocol on donors, but I have heard that there can be health problems or issues with fertility later in life for donors. It made me feel good to know that the doctors cared about the donors and my chances at success equally.

As a recipient you will probably get between 5 and 7 embryos (from my reading and from the website I referenced in my Review that looks about average). They will only transfer 2 of the embryos maximum unless the embryos are of lower quality. Also, they only freeze embryos that are grade 1 (highest quality).


CHAR said...

It really sounds like a good place. I like that they are looking out for the best interests of all involved. Great review!

Lost in Space said...

Sounds like a great place overall. Thanks for giving such a full review!

I hope you are still surviving in your 2ww!!