Thursday, February 28, 2008

Oops I did it again...

I forgot to temp again this morning. I think I need to tape a sign to the ceiling reminding me to temp first thing. Geez.

On our way into work this morning (H. and I drive together every morning) we saw a guy get hit by a van. Well, H. saw it in the rear view mirror. It was a guy that had just jaywalked in front of us - he got hit by a van turning right. I guess the driver was only looking to his/her left at the oncoming traffic and when they had an opening they went for it. And then, el smacko. The poor guy.

So here's my safety tip for today. If you are going to jaywalk, do so quickly. Don't hurry 3/4s of the way and then slow down thinking you're safe. (Which was the downfall for the guy this morning) You're not really safe until you're fully on the sidewalk and sometimes not even then.

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