Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mish Mash

I got my period on Saturday, my cycle was 26 days last month. That's pretty good for me, I'll take it. It was disappointing to see the toilet paper tinged with blood and I had a moment of anger, of why me. Why can't this fucking happen. You know how it is, whether you're in the battle or on the other side. I forced myself back to the zen state of "it will happen". I was supposed to call in my Day 1 this cycle, but I just couldn't do it. I talked to H and let him know how great I feel not being at the clinic. He agreed that it's probably for the best for now. So, I just didn't make the call. I feel free and almost normal. We're still trying on our own and I have faith that it will happen for us.

This past weekend was pretty hectic. We have a little tiny den with two desks, 2 computers, a large and small filing cabinet, a ginormous bookshelf and a tall cd rack/thingy. We had to move all of that out of the room in order to paint it. This was the first time that H and I have decorated a room together. We moved into a house that had been recently done up in colours that we mostly liked so we really just had to move our stuff in. At any rate, there was minimal arguing, 2 coats of paint on the walls, 2 coats on the trim and we were done.We chose a shade of gray called Sweet innocence and a white for the trim called Wedding Veil. We had samples on the wall for a week just to make sure we picked the correct shade. Well, Sweet Innocence look a littl like baby blue in certain lights, with a grey undertone. It looks lovely, but would probably be as good for a baby's room as a den. Oh life's ironies. We also installed a light fixture. (I did it) I was terrified that even though the power was off that some residual energy waiting in the wires was going to shock the life out of me. Didn't happen. After a few grumbling arguments, a little sweat and some profanity the fixture was in place and working!

We also got news from our insurance company that they are going to write off our car. We have to forward them the bill of sale from our old car and they will then set an amount for the settlement. Sigh. I see a struggle ahead. They also informed us that once they give us the offer, we have our rental for 3 more business days, so basically we have to know what car we're going to buy right away so that we are not without wheels. We went to a dealership yesterday and conditionally purchased a beautiful, shiny car. It's bigger and more costly than what we have now. We kind of have a case of buyers' remorse, but we'll wait and see what happens.

In weight loss news, I'm down 5lbs.

ETA - i have been nominated for the Lovely Blog award. I will be writing a post on it in the next few days. Thanks!!


Spacey said...

Sorry to hear about AF's appearance. I’m really glad to hear that you feel happy these days. It will happen. :)
YAY on the house DYI’s and getting the den all nice and pretty.
I totally hear ya about the car write-off. We were in an accident a couple of years ago and our not even 1 year old car was a write-off. To this day I am still thankful that we are ok. About the car though. I must say that I was very impressed with how our insurance handled the case and the write off. We ended up with the full cost recovered and same as you ended up buying a bigger car (at the time thinking of a baby that will join us as well as safety considerations). I hope you’ll have the same experience.
Enjoy the new wheels when you end up getting them. :)

Fran said...

Well done on the weight loss!! Keep it up. I'm sorryabout AF of course and I undestand you didn't call the clinic this time. It has to feel right and if it isn't you just better off. Keep up the positive attitude.
Nice work on the decoration also!! And I'm sure as soon as your new shiny car will be in the driveway all the remorse will be gone. Lots of love and thanks for the comments on my blog, Fran

Lost in Space said...

Ughh on the witch rearing her ugly head. Your break sounds very much needed. Hugs.

You are a busy girl with all the decorating! It sounds so pretty.

It's a great time to buy a new car! I think there is always some buyers remorse. (-;

Mad Hatter said...

I wonder if we go to the same clinic - I feel better when I'm not there, too! Yay for decorating and nesting!