Monday, August 31, 2009

No Goop in the Poop Shoot

Hmm, I guess that's an attention grabbing title for a post that has only a little to do with my poop shoot. Today I want to a GI specialist for a consultation regarding a colonoscopy. I'm only 38, but I have colon cancer and diverticulitis in my family (my Grandfather died from colon cancer and my Grandmother and Mom have diverticulitis). I had an episode of constipation a while ago that scared me because it was so painful and I went to the doctor. I'm not taking any chances with my colon health.

The appointment was this morning and it went really well. First, I found out that if your are a first degree relative e.g., sibling/parent/child to someone that has had colon cancer then you should have a colonoscopy at the age 10 years prior to the occurence in that relative or at the age of 40 - whichever comes first. Since I'm a 2nd degree relative (grandchild) then I don't have to have one until I'm 50. What a load off my mind! After discussing sypmtoms etc with the doctor she told me the following:

1. I probably have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and this can be controlled by diet
2. I have to have 30gm fiber in my diet every day
3. I have to lose weight (duh!)
4. I have to exercise 5 out of 7 days (again, duh!, but how do I motivate myself?)

So basically, she confirmed what I had already thought re the IBS. The change in my diet recently has really helped me and I won't bore you with the details.

The GOOD NEWS! My blood pressure was 120 over 75 = normal. The last two times, prior to today, that I've had my blood pressure taken I was borderline high. I have cut sodium out of my diet, along with the other stuff. I've lost 5 lbs and now have normal blood pressure again. Awesome!

On the TTC front, hmm, not sure where I am in the cyle. Just a minute, I'm going to go check...I'm on CD18, DPO??, I have no idea if I even ovulated this month. Oh well.

My blood pressure is normal and that's good enough for today.


Kate said...

Getting the rest of you healthy is a great thing to do before you get pg. Glad to hear all looks good (and that I too don't have to get a cscope for another 15 years), and that you've gotten your BP back to normal. That's quite an achievement!

Fran said...

It's absolutely great that you have looked into the colon health as well. And the comments from the doctor were very very positive. So do you motivate yourself to exercise? Not sure...but please let me know if you find out LOL!! I'm a terrible devil when it comes to exercise, but I did find that getting the interesctive Wii consol and the Active or the Fit board does help a lot. Much love (and for this month being blessed with NOT knowing where you are in your cycle is just brilliant!) Fran

Spacey said...

Glad to hear that the appointment went well and everything looks good. Sorry to hear about the IBS, but glad to hear that it can easily be controlled with diet.

CHAR said...

What a title..haha..poop shoot! So great you are being proactive about your health-very important.

Glad all looks well - and good BP too is a great bonus!

I also hear IBS can be controlled with diet. Thinking of ya

Lost in Space said...

Good for you for being proactive and getting everything checked out. I had 2 sigmoidoscopies and a colonoscopy last year to investigate and then remove and follow up on a pesky polyp. I name him Earl and am glad to have him gone. I have an aunt who finished her second battle with colon cancer last year (the first was over 10 years ago). My GI told me the same info about relative connections, but because I had other "issues" I now get to have them every 5 years. Ugghh.

Great work on the BP. That is awesome!