Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Provincial Government May Cover IVF

In Ontario a panel was put together to look at our reproductive care and adoption policies. Specifically, fertility treatments and the adoption process. Currently, in Ontario, if you have bilaterally blocked tubes the government will pay for IVF (now there are only two clinics that actually do the fully funded version in Ontario, otherwise, the IVF itself is covered but none of the drugs etc).

The findings from that panel have come out today, their recommendation is to cover 3 attempts at IVF for all women with fertility issues under the age of 42. The report says that due to the high cost of IVF, Dr.s are putting back the max number of embryos for transfer and therefore our rate of multiple births are very high. The recommendation is to have a lower number of embryos transferred (1?) thus lowering our multiples numbers and the cost of care for early labour, neo-natal care etc. They say that by doing this they can save between 450 Million and 500 million dollars in the next 10 years.

They have also recommended overhauling the adoption process in Ontario, having one central adoption body to ease the adoption process.

This is phenomenal, yet only a recommendation. My hope is that our provincial government will act on the recommendations.

Here is a News Story

Here is the Report

In Ontario, gender reassignment and ab.ortion are covered (please no debate on the merits of abo.rtion) I think that fertility treatments could be covered as well.


Phoebe said...

I'm really glad to see that they are covering up to age 42. Usually the cut off is age 39, which I think is a crock.

Mad Hatter said...

I really hope if they decide to cover it, that they do it soon...I'm glad you posted this. My blood was boiling a few minutes ago because I was just reading the article on The Globe and Mail on-line and the 176 comments to follow. I found the outcry from those who are opposed to the coverage really disgusting. When our tax dollars support services for so many illnesses caused by poor lifestyle choices, how dare they deny IVF coverage to those who need it? Grrrrrr. We do have an election coming up, so I hope we receive a nice announcement before the end of the year!

Lost in Space said...

I so hope this goes through soon.

I would hope that they don't restrict to only 1 embryo transferred though and that the doctor is able to treat each case as needed. Would FETs be covered too?

Sweet Georgia said...

Mad Hatter - I saw those comments too. It's crazy. Our taxes pay for education - yet we have no children. I hope this goes through quickly. A group of women I know going through IF is starting a letter writing campaign. Send a later to your MPP.

LostinSpace - I read the report and it looks like that 1 embryo will be used for women under 35, who produce a lot of eggs, but it will also be looked at on a case by case scenario. I don't know about FETs, but you get 3 chances at IVF.

MabelB said...

Hi, I live in the UK, and the government here recently started making changes to free IVF provision whereby instead of one free cycle with two/ three embryos put back (depending on maternal age), three cycles will be covered including FET but with only one embryo. This is for the same reasons as your government cite and I think it is becoming the global trend for IVF to try and make it as safe as possible when a pregnancy results. I know some European countries (I think led by Sweden?) have been doing this for a while with hardly any reduction in the pregnancy rate but big reductions in neonatal deaths. When they introduced it here I listened to a radio debate along the same lines as the comments you seem to have read and I had to pull my car over and change stations and calm down for a bit before I could start driving again - I was so angry! Hope it works out for you and you get some free treatment.