Friday, September 18, 2009

CD 8 Appointment

I went to be last night around 11 set the alarm for 6:00am so that I could get to the clinic around 7ish. H. came to bed around 12:30 and woke me up. Then, as per usual, I tossed and turned and watched the clock, finally falling asleep around 3:30am. I say "as per usual" because whenever I have an early morning appointment I'm afraid that I will not wake up in time - even though my alarm is set. Then I have the worst sleep. To make matters worse, my chocolate lab decided that there was enough room for him on my side of the bed last night. So he jumped up. It's actually kind of cute, but really annoying for the person trying to sleep. You see, he jumps up on my pillow, puts one paw across my neck and rests his head on my head. He's an 85lb dog so he definitely wakes me up whenever he does this.

So, of course I got up late this morning, but instead of running around like a mad woman I just couldn't get my butt in gear. I mozied around, watched some tv, read my email etc. Finally, I got motivated to get ready and we were out the door at around 7:30. I thought the clinic closed at 8am so I figured we'd be cutting it close. Luckily clinic hours are 7am until 8:30am.

There were hardly any women in the waiting room - one woman I had a feeling I knew through a message board I go on. Turns out I was right, so if I see her sometime over this weekend I'll definitely have someone to chat with. Anyway, I had barely taken a seat when my name was called for blood work. I had them take it from my hand. I just can't deal with the poking and prodding of them tring to find a vein in my arm. So, blood work was done, again I'd barely sat down when my name was called for my u/s. I went in and was told that I have follie at 1.3 on my right ovary. I think I'm gearing up to ovulate and looks like we'll be back in the clinic over the weekend. I'm assuming I'll ovulate on Sunday - CD10. Early. I'm just waiting for the phone call that tells me what the plan is from here.


Spacey said...

Good luck! Sounds like the appointment went really well and you have a nice growing follicle there. :)

Fran said...

Hello sweetie! if the follie is 1.3 I'd say you may be a little later than sunday for ovulation, maybe tuesday? Thinking of you loads and wishing you all the best for this month!

Much love, Fran

Mad Hatter said...

Good follicle! That's a great sign! Wishing you well for Sunday!

Lost in Space said...

Sounds like a nice follicle growing in there!

Sorry for the crappy night sleep. Never fun.

Good luck!!

CHAR said...

Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like this cycle is definitely underway! I'm keepin' my fingers crossed for a big, beautiful follie! Although I think Fran is right, you may have just a few days longer to go than you were thinking.