Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Entering 2WW

Well, I ovulated yesterday. My estrogen is back down to 211 (that's in Cdn measurements) and we're supposed to do "it" one more time tonight and then tomorrow I get to take crinone. Beta is on October 6th. I just want to laugh. My follie at best got to a size 1.7 - at best. Close to mature, but not quite there.

And, they haven't said anything about the 1.5cm cyst on my right ovary.

I think this is a case of overkill, but I will go ahead and do the crinone.

Today is CD12 - beta is on CD26, if I ovulated yesterday, that would make this a 15 day LP. With crinone it is possible. I've never had break through bleeding on any kind of progesterone. The issue I have is that usually after a cycle where I've used progesterone, I have a funky next cycle - either anovulatory or ovulate really early (I'm talking day 8). So, we shall see. Maybe, for the next cycle we'll take a month off then go back the following cycle. That way all of the gunk will be out of my system.


Mad Hatter said...

Welcome to the 2WW! Hope it goes by quickly and that you are pleasantly surprised with the results!!

Lost in Space said...

Sometimes you just have to go with the flow, huh? Overkill can't hurt. Good luck with the 2ww. Sitting and waiting with you!

Spacey said...

I hope the 2ww passes quickly and the crinone won't be too much of a pain.