Thursday, November 06, 2008

Quick Update

First - thank-you America for making the right choice (in my humble opinion!) Barack Obama will make a phenomenal president.

Now to me... I'm on 12DPO, my temp has been high and dropped today (it was really low when I woke up at around 4:45am, went back to sleep and temp'd again at 6:30 - it was a little higher then). My average LP is 12 days. My boobs are sore and have had some lower back pain, but that's it. My boobs are sore every LP so that's an indication of exactly nothing. My temps have been higher than usual (until today) so hope was creeping in. FF has me testing on Saturday. I have only ever made it to test day once - the cycle I did my IUI and I was on progesterone suppositories. All that to say that I'm waiting for other shoe to drop which I'm sure will happen later today or tomorrow morning when AF rushes in. I didn't want to post anything about this because I thought I'd jinx myself. Then I realized that a. I'm driving myself crazy from thinking so much about this and b. it is what it is - either I am or I am not and posting about it on a blog is not going to change that fact.

Anyway I'm driving myself crazy with the "am I's" or "aren't I's" and I refuse to do an HPT because I hate those things! I may do one if I make it to Saturday, but it's more likely that if I can make it through the weekend I'll get blood work done. My spidey senses tell me I'll need a tampon more than an HPT.


Cindy Nguyen said...

Fingers crossed for you. I always test early and I always regret it. This waiting is agonizing. Hugs to you!

Echloe said...

Hope this is your month!

Lost in Space said...

Ugghh, sorry you are so stressed waiting to test. I hate those damn peesticks anyway. Keeping everything crossed for you and hoping for the best. Keep us posted. (: