Friday, November 28, 2008


Have you tried this magical dish? Every year, our group of friends gets together on American Thanksgiving and goes to a local restaurant that serves up Turducken as a salute to our American neighbours to the south. You Americans are ingenious (and maybe a little crazy J); to think of stuffing a chicken into a duck into a turkey and also taking the time to create 3 different stuffings to go along with it. Madness I tell you – magical, yummilicious, madness.

For those of you not familiar with this dish, here’s a blurb from the restaurant’s website that explains it a little better:

"Turducken - the American Thanksgiving Treat! A chicken stuffed into a Duck stuffed into a Turkey. Your Turducken comes with three delicious stuffings: Cornbread, andouille sausage & oyster. Enjoy yam gravy made with Bourbon and Grand Marnier , cranberry citrus compote. Served with brussel sprout gratin and our famous roasted garlic mashed potatoes.
What is Turducken? Turkey, Duck and Chicken all rolled into one with three delicious and spicy stuffings. If you a had a few days off and more than 25 people to feed, you could make this 10 page long recipe with 12 hours of prep time and 13 hours of cooking time at home. Why not save yourself the trouble and let us do it for you! "

Essentially, each bird is de-boned and laid flat. Turkey on the bottom then a layer of cornbread stuffing, the duck is laid on top, then a layer of andouille sausage stuffing, then the chicken is laid on top and a layer of oyster stuffing. It’s rolled up and cooked and then it’s sliced and served.

This year’s offering was the best yet! For dessert there was a choice of pecan pie, vanilla bean ice cream, & bourbon bread pudding.

All that to say that while you were celebrating, some Canadian friends were as well.

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Lost in Space said...

OMG!!! My husband came across a recipe for this online while searching for how to carve a turkey a couple years before we married. It is now an ongoing annual request that I make a Turducken. I always tell him to pick one bird 'cause that is all he is getting. After reading how much prep and cooking time, I know I will never make this. I am going to search online to see if I can find a restaurant near us that might make this. Too great!! Thanks for sharing this.