Monday, November 24, 2008


What a weekend. Feels like a whirlwind, we got a lot done, but I wouldn’t call it a good weekend. The one really good thing we did was buy a car on Saturday. Our lease was up on our old one (well it’s up next month) so we impulsively bought an HHR on Saturday. It’s black with ebony interior. Just the basic model, but I love it. We pick it up next Saturday.

On Saturday night we were supposed to go to a friend’s place for a party. Well, I went up to our bedroom to get ready and then had a huge meltdown. I hated everything I owned. I felt like a fat pig in everything. It was so bad that I just decided not to go. Then of course I was mad at myself for acting so irrationally. It really brought down the rest of the weekend. Sigh.

I am on CD16 today. No idea when I ovulated, I know I did because my temp is up (I’ve been temp’ing sporadically). So I have no idea if our DTD was well-timed or not. Now I’m kicking myself ‘cause I’m such a control freak I like to see what day I’m on and know exactly when my body fails me.

We are for sure, 100%, definitely doing the IUI in January. I have one more month needle free and then -boom- back at it. I am not getting any younger and I don’t want to be a really old Mom so it needs to happen soon.

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Lost in Space said...

I have BTDT with the clothes thing before an outing. I sometimes think it is my defense mechanism for not having to deal with the world.

Congrats on the new vehicle and yeah for having a plan for January!! It always feels good to know what the next step is. Good luck!!