Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Have Been Honoured

Fran at Everyone Else But Me nominated me for the Honest Scrap Award. I googled to find out just what the award means, I couldn't find one definition, but the gist is that it's given to bloggers who speak from their hearts. Thank-you very much Fran!

The rules are pretty simple:

1. Post the picture on your blog.
2. List 10 honest things about yourself.
3. Pass the award on to 7 other bloggers. Link to them on your site and then let them know.

So here goes nothing...

1. I was exceptionally shy as a child, and some of that still lingers today.
2. I was molested both by a stranger at 7 years old and an uncle in my teen years.
3. I have a very dark sense of humour.
4. I'm allergic to cats, horses and dust.
5. I don't really like my job.
6. My deep dark fear is that I'll never be a mother.
7. I know all of the words both narrative and lyrical to the movie Blue Ha.waii.
8. I can't sing to save my life.
9. I want so much to be able to sing.
10. I miss my Grandfather every day and can still feel his whiskers on my cheek from the time we said our final goodbye.

Phew. That was tougher than I thought it was going to be.

So, now I'll pass this award onto the following bloggers (in no particular order):

1. Mrs Hoping at Living in Hope
2. Phoebe at Tales of the Phoenix
3. Cathy at Just Another Cycle
4. Stacey at IAmStacey's Blog
5. Echloe at Non-Elusive BFP
6. The Worms at Inconceivable?!
7. Another Dreamer at An Unwanted Path


Fran said...

Well done!
I am so sorry you have been molested...noone ever should suffer such a thing. I hope you have been able to move on from those dark episodes. Big hugs. Fran

Sweet Georgia said...

It sounds a lot worse than it actually was - no rape (thank God), nothing very sexual. Just inappropriate touching. I have moved well past it, but it definitely has defined who I've become. It made me stronger, and have a hell of a lot of respect for myself. But, also, made me overweight - if you're overweight people won't be attracted to you...Now, the weight has just become a habit that needs to be broken. Blah. Look at me blathering on!

Another Dreamer said...

Thanks for the nomination.

I'm allergic to dust too, people think I'm being silly when I say that... but I actually get rashes and everything.

Sorry for the things you have went through as a child. Glad that you have moved past it, and on from it.

Cathy said...

Thanks for the nomination!

You are a strong woman and especially for being able to talk about your past so openly.

I've been through some things too and I always say that what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. We should have super hero strength by now!

Take care, congrats for being honored!