Friday, July 31, 2009


I have started a weight loss blog - Time2LoseW8

I have realized that during our battle with infertility I have put on a whopping 40lbs and I wasn't a light weight to begin with. I have completely ignored my health.
A couple days ago I asked myself the following questions:

If you are so serious about getting pregnant, why haven't you done everything possible to ready your body for it? Why have you let yourself go?

The easy answer is hormone treatments, depression and emotional eating. The embarassing answer is laziness.

So, I've given myself a huge kick in the ass and made a plan. I'll be posting periodically over there. Tuesdays are weigh-in days. Feel free to drop by and cheer me on or give me a swift kick in the pants if I'm floundering.


Fran said...

Hello my friend! I sooo like your plan! It is very important to have a goal, you may rememeber I felt exactly the same (I know my weight gain wasn't as much, but still felt like failure to me) and just with a bit of attention and a good bit more movement I am slowley gettting back on my feet. I wanted to thank you so much for the comment on my blog about the gel and the pessaries, did you take them in two different cycles or were you taking them at the same time? Also I remembered you had mention the "scooping out" of the gel to avoid built ups and I'm doing it regularly! Lots of love, I'll be back on monday to check on you just before the weighing time! Fran

Spacey said...

Good luck with your weight loss plan! :)

Mad Hatter said...

Good on you for making such a great decision to look after your health! I'm here to support you in any way you need! XO

La La said...

That is SOO awesome! I'll be joining you on that path very soon.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you all the best! Weight loss is an on-going strain for me. Arrgh. If you can do it, I can, too, right? I may just have to join you on the wagon!