Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Had a Cold

Just a quick post to let you know I'm still around. I have been sick since the weekend. I have been off work all week accept for the couple of hours I went in yesterday to finish a project. Blech. I'm so sick of blowing my nose. I am on the mend now though. I think it was a cold triggered by allergies. I called the motherisk line to find out if antihistamines are safe to take in the 1st trimester - the brand I use are. I took one yesterday and it helped tremendously.

I have been reading along with your blogs and silently cheering you on. I haven't had the energy to post anywhere lately. I'll catch up soon - promise!

My symptoms are pretty well non-existant right now and of course that has me a little worried. But, I just have to remind myself that I wasn't having any symptoms and the betas were really strong. Well, I do get pretty burpy after eating and have had a few very minor cases of heart burn. I'll be 6 weeks tomorrow and the u/s is just a week away now. I'm praying for heart beats (well heart beat). H and I keep referring to my pregnancy as the babies or them. We both think there's more than one in there. Who knows? The idea kind of terrifies me, but excites me at the same time. Like I've said before, we'll love however many are in there (either 1 or 2).


Fran said...

Thinking of you petal! It would be great if there's two!! i'm hoping for it!!

babyrecipe said...

Hope you feel better soon! I'm at the point where coughing and sneezing hurt down there so kick this fast!