Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Thank-you for all of your comments and well wishes and support! There aren't words to express how much it means other than all of your comments brought a smile and some tears to my face/eyes.

Part of a comment posted by Valery was about waiting for better footing before getting too excited. I thought that would be my instinct if I ever had a positive. I thought that I would be sensible and that H. and I would keep it to ourselves at least until we were sure that things would progress. That isn't how things have been. He's told his Dad and a couple friends and I have told my family (and all of you!). We're excited and optimistic and I guess somewhere inside I just made the decision to revel in it. There are no guarantees in life so I'm going to enjoy this for as long as it's mine to enjoy. I am going to wait until we get the results of the 2nd beta back before I tell my group of friends though.

Kate - I'm not going to POAS even though I know the outcome. I just hate those things too much. Even as I type this, there is a part of me that would still like to see what a positive pee stick looks like, but I just don't know psychologically if I can do it.

Last night my brother called me to find out about dinner for this weekend (Mother's Day & a late celebration for my Dad's birthday that was last week). My bro is buying a cottage so we were talking about the deal hopefully closing this week and that we'll have something to celelbrate. I then said "we'll have something else to celebrate as well" and there was silence on the end of the phone. I made my big strong baby brother cry as he was walking down the street. We both were a little soggy. A little later we hung up and then H and I were off to the 'shwa to tell my parents. My Mom said to me "So, what's the news?" and I said "Are you ready to be a Grandma?" She nodded, then I said "Well, good because I'm p....." (can't type that word yet even though I've said it a couple of times). They were so happy, my Mom cried and Dad gave me a big kiss and hug. And, of course congratulated H.

I know I'm supposed to be cautiously optimistic, and that's what I told my parents and my bro. And, they know we're not telling anyone else at this point. We just really needed to tell the people we love the big news.


ks said...

Okay now I'm crying! I would be the exact same way. Especially since I've day dreamed about telling my mom I was p.... y'know! I missed your anouncement about your beta sooo... CONGRATS!!! WOOT! WOOT!

Kate said...

I didn't POAS till after my beta came back nice and high, but I can understand not wanting to at all. I'd rather have the lab beta printour for my baby book!
So glad to hear your families are rejoicing with you. There's no reason to think anything should happen now (unlike me with my two prior losses), so relaxing and enjoying every day can only help.
Congrats again. Hope beta #2 is nice and srong too, and ore importantly that your viability ultrasound is good!

Kate said...

Your addendum to your last post made me cry. Love your reaction, as well as you do's and her receptionist's.