Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Feeling Nauseous

Who had 7w5d for me to start throwing up? I was praying that it wouldn't happen. For the past few weeks I've felt nauseous and gross and exhausted, but there was only one morning where I had a bit of a dry heave. Today, I've thrown up twice at work. Gross. Sorry for the TMI. I felt dizzy at lunch and thought I was going to pass out, then this pm I had a visit with the porcelain god. Blech.

This triplet thing has me thrown for a loop. It wasn't on my radar screen, it was a 3% chance that came true. 3%. Crazy. I know it's really early and maybe I shouldn't be counting my chickens before they're hatched, but it's kind of hard not to worry and begin to make plans. I always thought that once I was fortunate enough to get pregnant that I'd be cautious about things. It's just not happening that way for me. Everyone knows, for better or for worse, the cat is definitely out of the bag.

We're having our real estate agent come out to the house tonight. Just to get some information. We want to weigh the possibilities we have about what we could get for our house and if the house we need is out there right now. In Ontario, they are introducing the HST (a blended tax - tax on housing will go from I think 8% to 13%) on July 1st. Apparently the market is really hot right now because people are trying to avoid the HST. Anyway, we should have more information after our meeting tonight.

Above and beyond everything, I feel incredibly blessed to have this pregnancy. The vomiting today has made it more real. And, even though it's gross and I hate doing it, it's just one more sign that this pregnancy is real. My first OB/GYN appointment was booked for June 25th, but after I called and informed them of the new multiple status of the pg, they moved it up to June 11th. I can't wait to get another look at what's living in my belly.

There's another topic I need to cover, but I'm not sure how prepared I am to deal with it. It's about the guilt of moving on. I don't really feel completely on the pg path yet, but I know that's the way my posts will read. I wish that all of you can finally find the treatment or choice that works for you; whatever path it is that will lead you to fulfill your dreams. I understand that you may not want to read along or comment much on my blog, I'll be following along with you and cheering you on. I hope you'll stop by if/when you can.


Anonymous said...

That identity shift is tricky, isn't it? I am in the 'be as happy as you can be' camp, and actually feel insulted with the scraping and bowing some women do once they finally finally get pregnant.
I vote for belly shots!

Lost in Space said...

Ummm, I know I've been down and out sleeping for a couple weeks, but seeing this I feel like I've been living under a rock. Holy triplets!! Congrats! Congrats! Congrats! I am so so thrilled for you and hope that everything goes flawlessly for you here on out.

My outlaws (brother's in-laws as in brother's wife's brother - did you get that?) have triplet girls who are now around 7. They were IVF babies as was their older sister. Then there is the one they call their "free baby" who surprised them when the triplets were less than 2 years old. (-;

Hope you are hanging in there alright.

Anonymous said...

I found pregnancy blogs after IF to be inspiring, but maybe I'm just weird. Either way I'm over the top happy for you! Not the puking part, but the rest! Hope that doesn't last too long!

Kate said...

Still can't believe there are 3 in there!

Kate said...

And I love pg and parenting after IVF blogs. Found them hope-inspiring because I knew they hadn'r had an easy time either.

Phoebe said...

I can totally understand the triplet thing throwing you for a loop. Look for a multiples club in your area so you can connect with triplet moms. I really hope your pregnancy goes well. I know that being pregnant with multiples brings its own challenges and worries that really can not be downplayed. I hope you find the right doctor/practice who can help you through your pregnancy.

Michelle D said...

I was giggling at your blog title "Room in my Oven" the other day as I re-read the triplet news post. I bet you weren't expecting the kiddos to take you so literally on the room available. Still excited for you and hope you feel better soon with the morning sickness :)

Erin said...

Congrats on triplets! I'm having twins, and I've spent a lot of time feeling completely overwhelmed.

Good luck with the nausea. I thought mine was going to kill me, but it really does get better eventually!