Thursday, December 04, 2008

Off Topic

There’s a woman who posts on a message board that I go on that for some unknown reason (well unknown reason to me, obviously it’s known to her) will just not reply to anything I post. I will write posts directly to her – asking questions or providing advice and every one goes ignored. At first I thought I was jumping to conclusions – which are easy to do on a message board. But, I have been doing my only little test to see if what I think is happening is actually happening. It is. I’m really not sure what I’ve done to piss her off, but somehow something that I’ve written must have rubbed her the wrong way.

I kind of care and then again I really could care less. I guess I care because I want to be liked by people. I generally try to be a nice person and be genuinely interested in those around me. So, it’s not often that I run into someone that really dislikes me (that I’m aware of).

I just realized something. (Is this what they call an Aha moment?) This person knows someone that knew me (or of me) a long time ago in real life. Perhaps that has played a role in this.

Whatever. I am not sure why I even felt that this was post worthy. It was irking me so I guess I just needed to get it out.



Kelly said...

Well, don't feel bad.... I do read your blog and enjoy it! I know how it feels to be ignored.... just a BIT annoying!

Spacey said...

Don't feel bad about it. Sometimes things get lost on a message board and if she really is ignoring your questions, her loss. ;)


Lost in Space said...

When I was still in the messageboard "circuit", I had a similar situation. I quit posting on any of her posts, no matter what the topic. It's hard enough to deal with unsupportive fertiles. IFs should just know better.

Totally blogworthy and I'm glad you got it out. (;

S said...

I've just found your blog and love it. I'm going through the same TTC issues, been on this journey for 6 years.

I know what you mean about the forums, which is why I try and avoid posting on them. Very cliquey!!