Saturday, March 14, 2009


While not the loneliest number, 2 pretty much sucks when you’re talking about follicles. I have two; one on each ovary measure 1.4 each. There are other small follicles, but none that will grow enough to be considered in play for this IVF. So while I felt like I flew over the other hurdles, I just feel like I crashed right through this one. I’m still in the running, but I’m slightly injured.

I was pretty proud of myself. I didn’t cry when the doctor told me and I didn’t take the hint to stop asking questions as he tried to rush me on my way. I stood firm in my paper sheet and asked him question after question not really getting many answers. I had a little cry as I was getting dressed, but then I pulled myself together before I left the room.

We had been considering using ICSI, but he told me that slightly fewer eggs survive when ICSI is used so there is risk associated with it. Also, 5% of eggs that undergo icsi do not fertilize. Since H’s sperm are strong we don’t need to use it so we’re not going to.

I’m on 300 iu of puregon a day, when I asked if this could be upped he told me I’m at the maximum that can be prescribed. I could have sworn I’ve seen people that have been given more. But, he also added that the 2 follies are so far in the lead that even if I upped the meds the other follies would not catch up.

We are going to go the IVF route simply because with IVF at least I know that the sperm will actually meet the egg. With IUI you can’t guarantee that. Also, with IVF I’ll get a chance to see what the quality of my eggs/embryos is. Well, that’s assuming we get to retrieval.

On the bright side, at least there’s no chance of OHSS.


CHAR said...

*Hugs* you are a fighter and stay strong honey! It is true, you only need one & if DH has good sperm that is a good chance! Wishing you all the best!xoxoox C

Echloe said...

I'm sorry that you don't have more follies. : (
It sucks to go through all that stimming for 2. But like the other poster said it only takes one. Hang in there hun.