Tuesday, March 10, 2009

And... go.

I was getting a little worried because I still didn't have my period after stopping BCP last Wednesday (March 4), so on Monday(yesterday) I emailed my clinic to let them know and to find out if I should be worried. Well, I got a call back today. I have to start meds tonight. This will be considered my Day 3. They forgot to tell me one important thing... if I didn't have my period within 5 days I should have started the meds. Hmph. So, today is 6 days later, but should be fine.

Wow. This is really happening. And, it starts tonight. I'm excited and a little overwhelmed with things. Trying desparately to manage my hope and expectations. There are so many hurdles to get past. Hurdle #1 was a cycle with a lower FSH., Hurdle #2 shrink cyst, Hurdle #3 - get period to start meds. The next hurdle is how I respond to the meds. I'll find out on Saturday morning at my first check up ultrasound.

On another note, I found out an urban infertile myth can really happen. This blogger, has 3 month old twins (ivf) and has magically found herself pregnant with no intervention. It really does happen! Go by and read her story, wish her well!


Monkey's Mama said...

Hi there--came by via empty uterus, which is far from empty now of days. How exciting to be starting your IVF journey! I want to tell you that I was there once, and now have a healthy 2 year old out of the whole mess. It was a tough road but well worth it. You'll get there. All my best!

Spacey said...

Oh, I'm so happy for you. Which meds are they using for suppression?
I’m so happy things are moving along and you are so close!!!!! YAY!