Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Getting Older Sucks

I had my yearly physical today, I love my doctor, she's awesome! I had 4 vials of blood taken, a pap and a breast exam. Oh and I have borderline high blood pressure - it's still in the normal range, but it's on the cusp of being serious. I also have a referral for a colonoscopy, a request for a cardiogram, and a requisition for blood and urine to be taken. Oh and I got a referral to the new clinic I'm going to in May. This means no $250 fee for the appointment.

But seriously, back to the title of this post, getting old sucks. A colonoscopy?! A cardiogram?! How old am I? I am doing the colonoscopy because I have colon cancer in my family (my grandfather died of it) and I also have several family members with diverticulitis. I'm worried that I could have it. I don't really need the procedure for another couple of years, but I'd rather get tested sooner than later. And, because I'm currently not pregnant (well, not that I know of) it's best to do it now.
The cardiogram is to check my heart because of the blood pressure situation. And, the urine test is to make sure I'm not 'throwing protein' whatever that means. The other blood test on top of the fasting blood tests I did this morning, is to check my vitamin D levels. Apparently, most Canadians are vitamin D deficient and vitamin D is an important one. I started taking it about a month ago. Look how smart I am!

I am starting the DA.SH diet and a workout regime to hurry along my weightloss. I do not want to be put on blood pressure meds.

I am happy that I went in for my physical. I never do it on a regular basis and I really want to start taking better care of myself.

Oh and I thought I was 5'10.5" - turns out I'm 5'11". Look at me, still growing.


Lost in Space said...

I had a colonoscopy last year to remove a polyp. The procedure itself is a breeze, but the prep the day before is a nightmare. Ughhh.

Yup, we really are "that" age now, huh? Hope all goes well with your tests. Keep us posted. (-;

Spacey said...

I hope all goes well with your tests. I think being cautious and getting things checked out early is always best.

And YAY for the referral to the other clinic!