Monday, April 06, 2009

It didn't work

BFN. Don't know where we go from here. Instead of making us stronger as a couple it has kind of turned us on each other. Don't know how to move on, we can't afford another IVF. I don't really want to go to that clinic any more.

I may not be around for a while. Got to lick my wounds.


Lost in Space said...

I know there are no words right now that can make this better. I'm just so sorry, sweetie. This journey is full of such unfairness and when we finally reach the IVF stage we are so sure to have found our answer. It stings like nothing else when it doesn't.

My hubby and I have gone through major fights and issues after each failure. Men cope in such different ways from us. An IVF BFN is so unfair because it is happening to both of you which makes it hard for each of you to "be there" for the other. Cling to him the best you can and grieve however you need to while trying to remember that he is grieving in his own way too.

I know it doesn't seem like it right now, but it will eventually start to get better. Drop me an email anytime, okay? I'm still here........

S said...

There are no words.

I'm so sorry.



Spacey said...

I am so sorry. **big hugs** I was so hopeful for you that it will work. I know that there are no words that I could say to make it better or easier. Please take all the time you need to get through this and if you need anything I'm here for you.