Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another one

I just found out another of my cousins is pregnant. 2 announcements in 3 days. Weirdly, this cousin has been trying for almost a year and has had a miscarriage (same basic scenario as the first announcement). The interesting thing about this is that I have always thought to myself that cousin #2 and I would be pregnant at the same time... that the next time she got pregnant after her loss, that we'd be pg together. So, I'm choosing to believe this is a sign of good things to come.

I got my Core Rhythms dvds in the mail today. I tried the first dvd - it was so much fun. This could be something I can actually stick with. I'm not ultra coordinated, but I love to dance, so I think it's something that won't actually feel like working out.

I got a couple of questions in the comments from my last post that I want to address>

Iamstacey asked if my doctor could do something to open the closed tube. Here's the thing, they don't actually believe it's closed - they think it was a temporary cramp that closed it during the SHG. I'd had an SHG a year earlier and everything was good. I worry though because during my IVF the dr. kept trying to get a follicle on my left ovary and it kept bouncing away. It was very painful, and now I have some intermittent pain over there. My new dr. told me that the ovary bouncing away would not have caused any damage to the tube. So who knows.

Fran asked if they could give me something to suppress/slow ovulation. They told me that there is a medication that can be given but it really only works if you're on stims. So, I just have to live with it.

This Dr. is my 2nd opinion. There is a dr. in Toronto that deals with high FSH patients and works with DHEA etc. I've heard really mixed reviews about him and I'm not sure I want to make the switch. His clinic is not right downtown so, it's a little more difficult to get to as well. H. & I have talked and we're going to stick it out with this clinic at least for a couple more cycles. Then we'll have to reassess.

Oh, and I made my acupuncture appointment for Thursday. I can't wait to go back.

ETA - Had to change the template to my blog. Today I looked at it and couldn't stand it for another minute!


Spacey said...

I strongly hope that your cousin's announcement is a good sign of things to come. :)

Mad Hatter said...

You sound really good. Like a lot of things are moving forward! Good for you! I'm wondering who the FSH doctor you're talking about is - I can't seem to find your e-mail address, so I hope you'll e-mail me so we can name some names of T.O. fertility people:


Hope you continue on your upswing!

Lost in Space said...

Don't things usually happen in threes? (-;

Fran said...

I actually love your new template!
If you have faith in your new Dr there's no point in changing it, I suppose. Are they going to try another IUI on a natural cycle? Much love, Fran

Anonymous said...

Take any good omen that comes your way! :)

I'm glad your tube isn't actually blocked! Phew, that's a relief. Although I wish you did have a better selection of docs to choose from.