Monday, October 19, 2009


What can I say, I went back to the clinic and now I’ve ovulated on day 9 or 10. Stellar cycle. I could have told the clinic this would happen, I tried to tell H, but somehow I didn’t make myself clear. When I do progesterone support it messes up the following cycle. It’s like even though my body doesn’t have a period, it just amps up for the following cycle. So, I ovulate early, really early. And the follicle/egg isn’t mature, but my body doesn’t care and just forces it out.

Yesterday was a busy day, I had to go to the clinic and then go to my project knitting class. I love it, by the way. So, I wasn’t home to get the call from the clinic. Dr. H2.0 called himself. No IUI this month, egg not mature. I had mentioned to H that I thought that even though the injectible fsh doesn’t make me produce a lot of eggs, that it helps the eggs get to maturity. So, H mentioned this to Dr. H2.0 and of course the doctor rejected that theory. Reading between the lines was “we’re not prepared to do anything, experiment at all, up meds etc to get you pregnant. If you choose donor eggs, we’re here for you”. I think I actually felt the top of my head pop off.

H. didn’t know to ask about follicle size, which ovary it was on etc, so I have emailed them today for the info. We’re having sex and hoping, but I really feel so little hope these days.

I realized that it’s been a while since I have gone in for acupuncture. The one thing that I can tell that acupuncture has helped me with is ovulating later. So dumb to have let my sessions lapse, I am calling today to get back in this week.

H. woke up this morning, rolled over and told me “I had a dream last night that I got you pregnant. So, I’ve decided this is it – you’re pregnant”. A little dagger went straight to my heart.

Not sure I mentioned this, but H. had the new car at work on Wednesday and when he got down to the car after work it had a flat tire. He had an exam that night so I had to take a cab to the car ($31 across town) and wait for road side assistance to come and change the tire. On Saturday, I brought the car in to have the tire fixed. Since the dealership is out by my parents and went and hung out with them for the morning. It was nice to see them and spend some time with them. I found out my cousin is pregnant and due the week of my birthday next year. Such wonderful, fabulous news for them, they’ve been trying for over a year and have suffered a miscarriage, so I’m truly truly happy for them. I’m really trying to keep the green monster at bay, but I’m doing a miserable job.

Oh, I’ve been nominated for an award. I will be posting it shortly. Thanks Fran!

***This just in*** Received from my nurse via email:

"The follicle was 1.8 on the left ovary. The estrogen was down which happens just prior to ovulation. The lining was 0.9.

See you November 2nd for the pregnancy test."

So, the egg is mature (or close to it), and my lining fluffed up from the 0.6 on Saturday. The only problem is that my left tube was blocked at my SHG earlier this year. Ovulation probably occurred yesterday, maybe today. Damnit, we should have had sex Saturday night, but they told us not to. Oh well, coming from the left there's not much of a chance that anything will happen. It's just nice to see that the follie increased in size so much from one day to the next - it was 1.5 on Saturday.


Spacey said...

**hugs** I am so sorry that the egg left its nest too early. I wish I could do something to make things better. **big hugs**

iamstacey said...

Can they open your tube to give you a better chance?

Fran said...

Sweetie, can they not give you some suppression to prevent you from ovulating early? When I did my IUI the follicle was kept at bay until ready to pop with the shot, I'm a bit puzzled by your clinic attitude. In any case, I have absolutely everything crossed, it wouldn't be too strange that your egg is picked up by the open, opposite tube, so there is hope!! Much love, Fran

Phoebe said...

I'm glad you are getting back in for acupuncture. What is with your doctor's attitude? I have faith in your eggs! You might look into Maya abdominal massage for unblocking your tube. You really need a HSG to see if your tubes are truly blocked or not, the kind where they squirt dye through them.