Saturday, November 28, 2009

CD1 of our Last cycle with the Clinic

This will likely be our last cycle with Dr. H2.0, I got an email from Mag telling me that I need to be on monocycle birth control by January so that my cycle can be timed with the donor's. It's all a little exciting and overwhelming. It would be amazing to get pregnant on this last cycle with my eggs. But, I have to be realistic, we've been trying pretty much every month for 3 years and nothing has happened, so why would this cycle be any different? There is a small part of me that thinks if there's a lot of follicles and a low fsh that I want to do injections and go for an IUI/IVF. Isn't that crazy?! I mean I logically know I don't respond to meds, but there's a part of me that wants to continue to fight for a biological child. There are two things that are not on my side with that thought... time and money.

I made the call to the clinic today for my Day 1, I'll go on Monday for my Day 3 full bladder u/s and bloodwork and will also talk to the nurse about our plans to go the Czech Republic. Hopefully, they will agree to do all of the monitoring I need here.

Wow. This is really it. I'll start taking the bcp and then we wait to be matched. Wow.


Fran said...

Wow! That's right, it's happening and we may be cycle buddies in the new Year! To a great 2010, love, Fran

Lost in Space said...

Wow, girl, look at you go! Sorry I've been away this month. I am just getting all caught up and am so impressed at how you are forging ahead.

I'm not sure that longing for a biological child will ever fully go away. It's a loss that will always carry a little part of our hearts.

Looking forward to following along with your destination baby cycle. (-;