Friday, November 27, 2009


Turducken last night was amazing. It's nice and spicy - done Cajun style. H. and I shared an order of Hush Puppies & Tobasco sauce, I had a Red Lentil soup, followed by the Turducken (cornbread, andouille sausage & oyster stuffting, Brussel sprout au gratin and garlic mashed potatoes), dessert was bourbon pumpkin pie with a walnut streusel and fresh whipped cream. It was delicious, but I could only eat about half of everything. I have the other half for lunch today.

Last night I filled out all of the paperwork for myivfalternative. I still have a couple of questions that I'm awaiting responses on, once I have them I will fax them the paperwork. We are going to the bank tomorrow to have the home equiy line of credit funded and I need to get a new bank card since something's gone wrong with mine.

This donor egg thing is actually happening! H. and I have agreed that we will continue to try at the clinic for as long as we can before getting ready for transfer (e.g., before I have to go on BCPs). Today is CD28 so I'm just waiting to call the clinic with my Day 1. I had a weird ovulation pattern this month. It seems like my body geared up to ovulate around cd11/12 and then again on cd14-ish. So, I'm not sure if I'm currently late or right on time or if I actually ovulated at all.

UPDATE - Well, creamy brown cm has made an appearance, so tomorrow should be day 1.


Spacey said...

That does sound yummy.
I am so glad that things are moving ahead!!! I think the plan to stay with the clinic until ready to cycle overseas is a great one! Keeping everything crossed for you!

Fran said...

Well done on CD1!! I've seen you have already another post on this so I'm going to read it now. Much love, Fran