Thursday, November 19, 2009

Making Contact

I called my Mom last night and told her about our decision to go with de. I don't know why, but I was a little worried about her reaction. Not that I should have been, she's been nothing but supportive during this whole saga. I was a busy little beaver last night, because I also contacted the company that we want to use about moving forward with the process (the loan was approved, it's just going through the lawyers now - we should have the money by Monday/Tuesday - WHEE!) I was beset with worry about being taken advantage of - are they a real company, is it worth the extra money to go through them rather than direct with the clinic, what if we get to Czech to find out they don't know who we are, haven't heard of us etc. So, I got on Google and searched for any type of reviews that could help make me feel a little better. I did find a blog by a couple who used them earlier this year. It made me feel a little more comfortable. The company is called myivfalternative and the woman who runs it is called Mag. She is originally from the Czech Republic and also used the services of the clinic to get pg. Apparently, the waiting list for the clinic is about 11 months, but if you go with Mag's company the wait time is significantly shorter.

I'm not sure if I've detailed what they do before so I apologize if I'm repeating myself. They are a liaison between us and the clinic. They help with the paperwork etc. They help get out trip booked (flight & accom.), they will pick us up from the airport and drop us at our hotel. They will transfer us to and from the clinic for all appointments, provide a cell phone with pre-programmed numbers to reach the clinic/a member of their team, take us for a traditional Czech dinner and I think they help schedule day trips.

I like the not having to plan everything part a lot. Usually, I'm very anal about this kind of thing (you should see the spreadsheets from our 5 week trip to Australia), but for some reason I want to give up control for a little while.

There are a lot of mixed emotions still. It's a lot of money to have to pay to attempt to get pregnant. That's the scariest part for me... there are no guarantees. We could pay all of that money and still not end up with a baby. We are giving ourselves 3 attempts, H. will not be able to make other trips with me so we'll be freezing some sperm in case it's needed later on. H. is applying for an MBA that will start in May. It's a distance education course, but over the next year (or two) he'll have to fly to BC 3 times. He won't have enough vacation time to do that and possibly do multiple trips to Brno.


Kate said...

It sounds like a good plan - the less admin stuff you have to worry about while cycling, the better. And having backup frozen sperm stored there is very clever. Hopefully the first time will give you all the embryos you need to have a couple kids!

CHAR said...

So happy that you are going forward!! I am so excited for you both:)

I think you are doing your homework which is so imortant!

All the best my darlin:)

Spacey said...

So exciting!!! I think it's good that you are researching the company that would help out, but I totally agree that the process in itself is overwhelming, if you can have the travel/language logistics taken care of, it's so worth it.
Cheering you on!