Friday, February 26, 2010

I Believe

I Believe performed by Nikki Yanovski is the theme for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics for the TV station CTV that is carrying the games in Canada.

This song spoke to me from the first time I heard it and is the theme song for H & my journey to create our family. I may be slightly losing my grip, but I still believe that we are doing the right thing to build our family.

Check out the video:


Mad Hatter said...

Beautiful song and video!

I believe you will get your wish and have a baby.

And, for what it's worth, I don't believe you're losing your grip. You're just a normal woman going through an extremely stressful time.


Lost in Space said...

Gah! I'm monitoring a test at work and can't play it right now.

If you believe you are doing the right thing, that is all that matters in the world. You've got a great grip on this whole thing...just keep talking. (-;

Fran said...

Do believe my friend. I'm thinking of you. Fran

Valery said...

Don't know about losing grip... but I do know that letting go is the hard part!
Time will tell the answers, until then we believe.

Cathy said...

I've thought of you while watching the Olympics this year. Go Canada! (And U.S.!)
This is great, I might have to look into downloading it for some positive reinforcement!
And just like everyone else says here, you are going through something that is a very intense process. Give yourself a break and stop being so hard on yourself, you deserve it!
I know what you mean about being worried about what comes after this if it doesn't work, but all you can do is stay positive, that's all we really have control over.

Still keeping my fingers crossed for you!