Sunday, April 18, 2010

Checking in

4 embryos at 8 cell
1 embryo at 6
and 1 bonus embryo that joined the fray, 4 cells

Back to Brno tomorrow, transfer on Tuesday.

Heard about the volcano erupting in Iceland? Ya, no idea how we're going to get home if the flights don't start back up soon. At least we've got a free place to stay in Prague if we need it.

That's all for now. Hope that you're all doing wonderfully!


Pregnant Yuppy said...

Good luck at your transfer on Tuesday!

Spacey said...

That's wonderful! Good luck with the transfer on Tuesday!!

Janice said...

im on here way to often checking for updates! lol.

Things sounds like they are going great. Enjoy whats left of your trip and I hope you dont get stranded!

Good luck with Transfer :)

Fran said...

Thinking of you so much!! transfer tomorrow sounds great. Tell me about the flying parents are over and stranded here!!

ks said...

That's Great!! :) Go embies Go! I hope it's a smooth transfer! All my best to you!

Anonymous said...

that is awesome news! Glad to hear the embies are doing well and you are having so much fun. Good luck tomorrow!!!

Kate said...

Ooh, totally forgot about the volcano affecting you. Thank God for the free place to stay. And for a few good embryos trucking right along. Hope you have some great ones to transfer and freeze!

Lost in Space said...

Oh, yeah, yeah! Just getting caught up and so thrilled to see this. Good luck with the transfer tomorrow. Update us when you can.