Thursday, October 28, 2010

30 Weeks

Now that's a milestone! 30 Weeks. Wow, we are in the home stretch here. With the help of my parents, my brother and his girlfriend, H and I have finished painting the nursery... I'll post pics when the furniture is in. My parents came over yesterday during the day and finished all of the trim and did the touching up. My Mom also cleaned my bathroom which really really needed it. I'm embarassed that she saw it in that condition, but I'm also thankful because it was really helpful.

This Saturday my folks are going to help us get the baby furniture and set it up. Then I'll be able to put the decorations in place and get a new rug and window coverings and the bedroom will be done. I feel like there is so much more to get done though. I have a list of things you need to buy to get ready for baby and we've only got about 20% of the things on the list. It makes me feel a little overwhelmed if I dwell on it too much. I just have to think about one thing at a time and hopefully all will be ok.

As for the pregnancy, the baby is really active these days wiggling around and sometimes it feels like she's trying to kick her way out. I don't think I've gained anything over my pre-pregnancy weight as of yet... I had lost 10lbs and I think I've gained them back. The next 10 weeks should show me piling the pounds on. I think at this point I'm supposed to be gaining .5lb to 1.5lbs per week which means by 40 weeks I should have gained between 5 and 15lbs. That's pretty good. I started out pretty big and I was really afraid about how much I'd end up gaining.

I am still feeling good and sleeping OK - although I am not sleeping soundly anymore. The fatigue during the day is pretty bad. And, I've been having some very strong cramping - yesteray was horrible. I'm not complaining, I'll take whatever comes my way in order to have a healhty baby at the end of this.

Speaking of which, I had my 2 hour Gestational Diabetes test yesterday after failing the one hour test by .1. I should have the results at my appointment next week (Nov 2), hopefully I don't hear from them before that because no news is good news. The test wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I had my blood taken 3 times in 2 hours and only have 1 small bruise so I'll consider that a success.


S said...

30 weeks is an exciting milestone indeed! I'm excited for you.

BTW, I stumbled across an article some time back that said you really only need five items for a newborn baby: car seat, crib, stroller, bottles and a bouncy seat. (This is the article, if you're interested:

Anything else you buy will be nice but not really necessary. Well, except clothes and diapers. ;-)

Fran said...

Woohoo!! You are doing so so well!! Are you ever going to post some belly pics? I'm so so curious!! Much love, Fran

iamstacey said...

Yay for 30 weeks! :) I'm a big girl at the start, which is of course a worry for me. But so far, I've only gained 4 lbs at 21 weeks. I've read that women who are bigger in the beginning often gain much less weight than smaller women. So maybe we'll make it out without too much new baggage. :)