Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Glucose Test

Well I had my glucose test this morning and will probably have the results next week when I go back for my ultrasound. The drink was kind of gross but not as sweet as I thought it was going to be. It also tasted gross because I had brushed my teeth pretty close to having to go for the test so that was icky. I almost passed out because of the sugar rush - got lightheaded and my fingers were all tingly. Luckily I did not pass out.

Then I met with my OB, I like him more each time I see him. I talked to him a lot about my family history and my fear of giving birth vaginally. My Mom is one of 11 children of which there are 6 girls. All of them except 1 (I think) have had to have c-sections. The birth canal is too small for the baby and they end up having emergency csections. My Mom delivered the placenta before me and I ended up being an emergency section. One Aunt hemorrhaged and had to have a hysterectomy at the age of 22 - her daughter just gave birth on the weekend. She ended up having an emergency c-section and she too hemorrhaged and is still in the hospital and is in need of a blood transfusion. My Dr. said that he'll make a note of it in my chart, but also that I can basically request a c-section if that's what I want. He said that I've been through so much to get pregnant and through so much with this pregnancy, that to have a successful outcome he would let me choose.

Then he checked me out and said that the baby is still breech so the whole previous conversation may just be a moot point anyway. We'll still be keeping an eye on the placenta to see if it moves or not. All signs point to a c-section in December.


Fran said...

My OB has the same attitude as yours, I can have an elective c-section if I want to, after all we have been through we are entitled to a less worrying end! And also my placenta is a question mark like yours. I wonder if you also have the feeling that the kicks and movements seem to be on one side of the belly mostly...I generally feel them from the centre to the right hand side and rarely on the left. Mmh. I'll ask at my next visit. You know I was thinking, both of us have an anterior placenta, so how does the c-section work? I'm quite sure they cannot cut through the placenta...alright, another question for my next appointment!! Love, Fran

Valery said...

Ohw sweety, please no more emergencies for you!

(I cannot believe my word verification is vagiti)

Hope your cousin gets well soon to enjoy her baby.