Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I had another u/s and OB appointment yesterday. It was an exercise in patience as the person doing my u/s was an intern who had never used the machine before. The u/s took an hour to be performed, which made me 1/2 an hour late for my appointment. I should have been at the appointment at 2:45 and didn't actually see the doctor until 4:00pm. Sigh.

The u/s was good though, it showed that the placenta has moved and I no longer have placenta previa. Also, Little G has flipped and is now head down. Hopefully she stays that way. She is now measuring exactly where she should be from a growth standpoint and is weighing a smidge under 3lbs (1.346kg). She's in the 50th percentile for her stage. She was really active, practicing breathing, getting the hiccups, bouncing around etc. At one point she had her whole hand shoved in her mouth. We got a pretty good profile shot of her sucking her thumb.

Then it was off to the dr. to get my GD results. They took my blood pressure and weighed me. BP was normal, and I don't think I gained any weight - they didn't say anything to me about it. Then I got my GD results - I failed by 0.1, a pass is anything 7.8 and under, my result was 7.9. So, I have the pleasure of going back for the 2 hour test next week. I fast for 8 hours, get my blood taken, drink the sickly sweet drink and then after two hours I have my blood taken two more times. Blech. As a precaution I'm going to start following loosely the GD diet. Limit my sugars, increase my veggies etc. Even if it just makes me healthier, I'll take it.

I had asked my Dr. for a c-section date as I was really thinking that with the placenta previa and my family history that I wanted to go that route. So, he presented me with a c-section date of December 23rd. Christmas is my favourite time of year and I can't imagine spending it in the hospital - even if it means the birth of our first born. Also, since it doesn't seem to be medically necessary anymore, I thought a little more about what it is I want. I asked to be induced on a day that my doctor is on call. This way I will hopefully have a Dr. that knows me and my family history, that will be watchful of how things are going and will also be able to assess things alongside my family history. Someone I trust. I want to be able to discuss with him about my progress and decide with him if c-section is the best route or not. H. doesn't understand this option, he thinks I'm trying to control things and that I think my opinion means more than the dr.'s. I will admit there is a part of me that needs to feel in control and by knowing the date (tentatively Jan 1, 2011) I at least know when the process gets started. I just need to feel like the doctor I will be going through arguably the most important day of my life with is someone who knows me, and my medical history and will be on my side.

My Aunt almost died in child birth, my cousin's (her daughter's) life was in danger as she hemorrhaged so much blood and they had problems getting her uterus to contract. 4 out of my 5 aunts on my Mom's side had to have c-sections due to the birth canal not being large enough for vaginal delivery. My Mom delivered the placenta before she had given birth to me, which resulted in an emergency c-section where they didn't know if I would be alive. This all really scares me, I don't want to die giving birth and I don't want our baby to die.


iamstacey said...

Since the c-section isn't medically necessary at this point, I think it's a great idea to wait a little longer! And I would totally want to have my own OB there if I could choose that! It sounds like you're making good, thought-out decisions. Besides, we didn't get this far without taking some control, right? :)

Dreams and False Alarms said...

Good lord! What a frightening history to carry! I really hope your plans work out without any undue worry or fear.