Friday, July 11, 2008

3 in a row (maybe)

Looks like I may be ovulating or have ovulated. If it has actually occurred that makes 3 months in a row of regularly ovulating cycles. There were 4 cycles at the beginning of the year that were pretty wonky. I can't say enough good things about my naturopath; she has done wonders with me. The acupuncture and the herbs she has prescribed have surely helped, but also being able to share my thoughts/concerns/fears with her with no fear of judgment has been a huge relief as well. I have shared what H. and I are going through with my friends and family, but none of them really get it. And, I don't like to burden people with my feeling and fears. So, they get written here, told to Dr. W or they just stay bottled up. Thank God for the first two options. I can't really even discuss my infertility fears with H. because he is so positive that things will work out that he doesn't really give my fears any merit. He just brushes them off.

To completely change the subject, infertility has been in the news a lot lately. There was an article in the Toronto Star today that talks about action that the Ontario government is taking in regards of access to fertility treatments and adoption. They have appointed a panel to make recommendations about access to treatments, which treatments should be covered by OHIP, early fertility tests as part of women's check ups and also making domestic adoption a more efficient process. I think the government has finally recognized those of us who need assistance in building our families. The panel has a year to come up with its recommendations; I am very hopeful that whatever they come up with will be too late for me to take advantage of.

Weirdly, at the naturopath yesterday we were talking about the topic of women's health and the frustration I have felt that I wasn't given the straight goods on my fertility. Perhaps if fertility testing was done as part of the yearly physical starting at age 30, they may have seen something and I would have been able to make a more informed decision about how long I wanted to wait until I had kids. You know, they say - oh we did your CD3 blood work and your FSH is 9 - that's a little high... here are the risks of waiting, here's what that means for your fertility. Maybe we would have started trying for kids earlier. Who knows.

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