Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Well, AF showed up in full force yesterday morning. No spotting or easing into it for me, when the witch shows she really shows. So, another month down the tube so to speak. There is good news though - I had two, count them, two normal cycles in a row. That's pretty good. That gives me hope that eventually we'll have a baby.

Yesterday was Canada Day, always a big celebration for my family. This year there wasn't a family party so H signed up for a 10km run - the Run for Canada, the proceeds of funds raised goes to Canada's olympic athletes. He did really well - 10km in under an hour woohoo. Then in the afternoon we went to the TFC game (the Toronto Football Club) - it was a great soccer match. The crowd was really noisy and rowdy, not typical for a Toronto crowd. We had great seats, the weather was beautiful and the beer was nice and cold! What a great way to spend 2 hours. After the game, we went to a funky little restaurant called Shang.hai Cow.girl. I had a burger with Havarti and Bacon - yum! We were going to meet my brother and his girlfriend to got to On.tario Place to watch the fireworks, but they didn't start until 10:30pm. We knew we probably wouldn't get home until well after midnight if we went, so we pulled the 'chute and went home. It was a very enjoyable day despite the witch showing her wicked face.

The other thing I did yesterday was sit down with H. and talk about when we should start the IUI process. H. is still not working, so we didn't want to start any procedures until we knew that money was coming in from him. Well, I'm too old to keep letting time get away from me, so we made a plan. Regardless of whether H. is working, we are going to start the IUI after the next 2 cycles - mid to late August most likely. My cycles are generall 24 or 25 days long, so that would make it around August 19th give or take a few days. Gulp!

I also mentioned adoption to H. because if it's something we want to consider we need to get the ball rolling. H. will be 40 in 2 weeks, the older we are (I have heard) the harder it is to be chosen as parents for a child. Now, I am not opening up a discussion on the merits of adoption, but I am not really open to the idea of adoption. I have seen it first hand in my family from both the adoptee and adoptor stand point. It is not something that I want to do; however, if H. really wants to go this route I will truly weigh this option. When I mentioned it to H. and said that adoption really isn't for me he asked what would be our option then. I said we'd live child-free. He then made some snide remark about how I had said there's no point in getting married if you're not going to have kids and aren't I a hypocrite. I pointed out that there is a huge difference between choosing to live child-free after infertility and choosing to live child-free as a lifestyle choice. H. conceded the point. Then we spoke about his feelings on adoption. At this point he hasn't even considered having to go that route (eternal optimist that he is) so he couldn't really commit one way or the other. That's fine with me; I told him to give it some thought and that if it's something he wants to pursue we can talk about it whenever he wants. We have kind of put early 2009 as the line in the sand. If we hit February of 2009 and still aren't any closer to conceiving, then we will talk about adoption.

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Chelle said...

The two normal cycles in a row IS a good sign. I hope that it will help you guys out no matter what you decide to do with the IUI route. We always found that having a plan in place helped us when we felt a tad over our heads. The funny thing is, our plans always ended up changing anyway. We would say we would do Chlomid for three months and then go from there, but the third month in we ended up with 24 folicles and had to abort the cycle, or we were going to do three IUIs, but then opted for surgery after the first one failed. But it always made the decisions so much easier when we had a set plan in place. Enjoy the next couple of months hormone free!