Thursday, July 17, 2008

Weirdness Explained

Had my weekly visit with Dr. W today; it’s great that she specializes in IF because she has seen/heard just about everything. I showed her my chart and informed her of the demise of my thermometer as well as the subsequent low temps I got with the new thermometer. Apparently, one thermometer is not the same as the next. Basically, all of the temps that have been taken with the new thermometer should be disregarded as inaccurate. So, if your thermometer cracks out on you during a cycle, you don’t really need to replace it until the next cycle starts. It has been my pleasure to bring you this PSA.

I also showed her the ginormous bruise I have on my belly from our last round of acupuncture. It looks like I was punched in the stomach. She was a little horrified. I bruise really easily, so I wasn’t that shocked by it but she said she’s never done that to anyone before. Then she asked me if I currently take any vitamin C. Nope, but now I do – 1000 mg per day. According to Dr. Google “Vitamin C makes small blood vessels less fragile and helps reduce bruising.” Good to know. That now makes 12 pills I take each morning. I feel like a walking pharmacy – just wait ‘til I start the injections!

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