Friday, July 25, 2008


This week of vacation has been just what I needed. I feel rejuvenated. Yesterday at my acu appointment I told Dr. W that I am feeling really good and I know that if this cycle isn't the one (my temp dropped today, CD25, 14DPO) that at least it's another good cycle. And, wait for it... I know that it will work in the future. That's right I put it right out there. I know that I will have a baby, whether it comes from a natural cycle, IUI or IVF etc I will have one. In black and white, that's kind of scary, kind of like I'm tempting fate to come and kick my ass. But, I'm not going to delete it. It's truly how I feel.

After my bold statement, Dr. W's mouth hung open for a moment and then she asked "Who are you?" May be a sign that I've been a little too pessimistic in past appointments.

Oh, BTW, before I go any further, I have to say Thank-you! For the comments. It's kind of strange ('cause I don't really think that what I have to say is that interesting) yet really heart-warming that people take the time to stop by and drop me a line. I truly appreciate it!

I left this message as saved and went to go swimming. Some how between then and now I have hurt my back. After swimming I could barely get dressed and had to ask a woman in the change room to get my things out of the locker for me. I've been back for a couple of hours and all I've been doing is sitting on the couch, propped up with a pillow and leaning on a heating pad. I feel better.

I want to take pain medication - we have some robaxacet, but I still haven't got my period. So, I don't know if I'm allowed to take it.

We were supposed to do a bunch of yard work and then go down and walk around the jazz festival tonight (Toronto Beaches International Jazz Festival). It's a yearly tradition. I can barely walk from one room to the next. bah.


HeidiM said...

I'm on bed rest today and on a mission to visit blogs of all the people on Stirrup Queen's "Over 35" list.

I admire your positive attitude!! I'm a big believer that positive thoughts change body chemistry for the better.

I checked out some of your older posts, saw you're taking DHEA...wondering whether you have any side effects with it?

Very best of luck to you with TTC!!!

Lost in Space said...

Great attitude! I hope you had a temp recovery over the weekend and were able to keep the witch at bay.

I hope your back is feeling better. That sounds so horrible. Gentle hugs.