Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Baby Lust

H. and I went to the baseball game last night. My parents got him tickets for his birthday. The seats were pretty good; the only problem was that there was a ginormous man to H’s right and then ginormous me to his left. Poor little guy was nice and squished. The game was good too, a little boring at time, but the Jays won, so I left happy. Two rows in front of us was a couple with their baby boy. He was beautiful with his snowy baby skin, dusting of reddish-brown hair and big blue eyes. He was probably 7 or 8 months old. I could hardly stop staring at him and had to remind myself to watch the game.

The ache I felt for that little guy. If I ever had any doubts that I was ready for a baby they were all gone in those few moments (hours) of staring. I truly had a full on case of baby lust.

I know it will happen for us, I just wish it would happen now.

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