Tuesday, September 02, 2008

And then there were 3

Had another ultrasound and blood work today. The experience was completely different than Saturday's appointment. Everyone was nice and welcoming. The nurse who did my blood work was awesome and appalled at the treatment I had received on Saturday. Then the ultrasound was with my RE, not just the RE on duty. He has such a good bedside manner, he put me at ease immediately. And, it looks like the pure.gon is working. I had 1 follie on my right ovary (1.5) and two on my left (1.5 and 1.6). I am to give myself one more injection tonight and go back tomorrow for a final blood work/ultrasound. Tomorrow night should be trigger and Friday should be the IUI.

I am definitely feeling a little better. It's nice to know that my ovaries responded to the medication the way they are supposed to.

I don't know how this IUI will go, what the outcome will be, but I am hopeful that if it doesn't work this time that it will be successful in the future.

I read another IFer's post yesterday about how she went back over her posts and how they sounded bipolar. I can completely relate... one minute I'm up, the next I'm down. This whole fertility thing is really a big roller coaster of emotions.

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Andrea said...

Glad you had a better experience today. Thanks for the reassuring comment on my blog that I'm not going crazy! I really appreciate it because sometimes I'm not so sure ;) Good luck this cycle!!