Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Pants are Huge!

Nobody told me not to go shopping for clothes while cycling. Or maybe nobody realized that taking progesterone for 14 days would make me bloat up a whole pants size. Yikes. I was feeling crappy about my fall wardrobe (can you believe the summer is over?!), thinking back on it now some of that may have been hormonal. I decided that I would go across the street to my favourite plus-size store - handy don't you think that it's kiddy corner from my office?

Anyway, I tried on what felt like thousands of outfits and suits. Getting completely disgusted with myself for going up yet another pants size. I found a beautiful black suit that actually seemed not to make me look like a giant marshmallow and bought a cherry red sleeveless turtleneck to go under it. I also bought a blouse to go under it. When all was said and done, I was pretty happy with my purchases.

I stopped taking the progesterone on Friday and wore the pants that go with the suit to work for the first time yesterday. They were too big, particularly in the waist. Not so big that they were falling down, but there's probably about a 2 to 3 inch gap when I pull the waistband out. Progesterone should come with a warning to shop at your own hazard. Those pants weren't cheap and now what do I do?


Anonymous said...

I wish I was having the same problem! Mine is quite opposite though... Clomid made me balloon bigger than the goodyear blimp! UGH! Now that DH and I are essentially done until our IVF for a year, I'm hoping to lose about 25lbs! Of course, I still need to buy a whole new wardrobe to accomodate my fata$$ until then!


Martha said...

What a shame. Best Wishes to you and your DH, visiting from ILCW.

Cece said...

Damn that sucks! But better to big than too small?

: )

Cassandra said...

Go to the tailor! Esp. if the hips/butt fit well but it's just the waist that's too big.

Or you can hold on to them for when you need bigger pants again, either cycling or hopefully BFP.

Good luck!

junebug said...

Some dry cleaners have a tailor. I have a pair that I love that is about a size too big. I wear them anyway especially on my bloated days.
Fingers crossed for good luck to you.
Here via ICLW.